Matthew Loucks matthew loucks

Born and raised in Windsor, Ontario, Matt has always had an eye for the arts.

He likes to edit, photograph things and is known for his ability to twist almost anything into a Simpson’s or Lost reference.


Aspect Ratio: 2.35:1

Author: Stephen King

Game Console: SNES

Ryan O'Quinn ryan oquinn

Ryan loves all cameras, the outdoors and the internet.

He grew up in Utopia, is fond of writing in his spare time and enjoys taking things apart, occasionally putting them back together successfully.


Focal length/f-stop: 40mm; F 8

Constellation: Orion

Fish to catch: Largemouth Bass

Jonathan Rosenberg jonathan rosenberg

Jonathan dove into acting and performing at an early age only to find that being in front of the camera wasn’t challenging his creative side. 

Seeking refuge behind the scenes, Jonathan has finally found his rightful place.


Cliche Transition: Starwipe

Pink Floyd solo: Time

Keanu Reeves movie: All of them

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